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Global interest in click-on cart handles from Flanders

Clics Toys, a toy manufacturing business from Wuustwezel (Flanders), has come up with a new solution for grocery shopping in a safe way, without having to disinfect shopping carts. The company’s ‘Clipeez’ are COVID-19-proof and making headway across the globe.  

From click toys to click handles

Clics Toys, originally a toy manufacturer from Antwerp, launched Clipeez, ‘clickable’ handles to help shoppers avoid contact with shopping carts. Instead of having to disinfect each grocery cart, customers can simply click their personal Clipeez onto the cart handle. After the handles are washed at home, they are ready to use again.  

Clics Toys came up with the idea after toy sales had plunged due to COVID-19. “The lockdown prevented us from exporting our toys to the US and South Korea, and our revenue dropped drastically,” explains Hedwig Van Roy, CEO of Clics Toys. After seeing how supermarkets had to deploy their staff to disinfect shopping carts, Clics Toys’ designers invented the click-on handles. “Currently, eleven of our machines, which would normally make toys, produce over 220,000 handles per day.” 

International demands

In Belgium, Clics Toys has already sold six million Clipeez to supermarket chain Colruyt. But other grocery chains such as Delhaize, LeClerc, Carrefour and Albert Heijn, also placed orders. In addition, hardware stores Gamma and Hubo are selling Clipeez as well. 

Clipeez also sparks the interest of supermarket chains across the world. “We are currently sending offers to the US, the UK, Russia, Japan and South Africa. Together with the order from French supermarket chain E. Leclerc, the total number of Clipeez sold currently stands at 12.5 million,” comments Hedwig Van Roy. “Because the pandemic is not over yet, our Clipeez will remain popular for some time to come. I expect sales figures to increase to up to 20 million handles by the end of this year,” Van Roy concludes.  

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Reported by
Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper
14 August 2020

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