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Game design talent from Flanders and the US unite

Talk about leveling up! Flanders-based university college Howest – three-time ‘Best Game Design & Development School’ winner – and the renowned Georgia State University are entering into a dynamic partnership. In the next five years, they’ll exchange both expert knowledge and talent to broaden and improve their gaming education programs.

We found a similar ecosystem in Atlanta at the Creative Media Industries Institute.

Frederik D’hulster
Director of Education and Internationalization at Howest

The gaming industry has also proven to be big business in US state of Georgia. With over 160 game studios employing over 4,000 people, the gaming industry in Georgia accounts for USD 800 million

Close collab

In the Creative Media Industries Institute, Georgia State University’s renowned department specialized in gaming, Howest has found its ideal partner for growth.

There are opportunities around every corner here. We want to act now and seize them.

Frederik D’hulster
Director of Education and Internationalization at Howest

During a five-year close collaboration, the two universities will cross far-away borders and connect their local gaming industry ecosystems. By aligning their educational programs, they’ll be able to exchange students and lecturers more easily. They’ll tackle research projects together, share their knowledge and network to drive promising students and start-ups further. With these and other efforts, the partnership will be beneficial for both Howest and Georgia State University.

Successful economic mission première

This valuable partnership was forged under the watchful eye of Her Royal Highness, Princess Astrid of Belgium, who led an economic mission in the US in June 2022 and was joined by Flanders’ Minister President Jan Jambon and Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT). The economic mission marked a high-level occasion for Flanders’ gaming industry to showcase its highly skilled talent – making it clear that Flanders’ game developers can keep up with – or surpass – even the top gaming nations.

This proves that the gaming industry in Flanders is maturing.

David Verbruggen
CEO of industry federation Belgian Games

In addition to Howest, other top-notch game developers from Flanders – such as game studios Triangle Factory and Cybernetic Walrus, and e-sport specialist Meta – stole the show during an impressive event at Georgia State University.

Find out more about Flanders’ world-class education and rich creative media ecosystem

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Reported by
De Tijd website
17 June 2022

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