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French RAJA Group builds 4th logistics center in Flanders

The French RAJA Group, a specialist in packaging as well as office and warehouse supplies, is strengthening its presence in Europe with the construction of a new distribution center in Flanders. The new warehouse in Tongeren will offer 16,000 m² of extra storage space and offices while focusing on the Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Construction will be completed in the spring of 2023.

Efficiency all the way

The new building, RAJA Benelux’s fourth warehouse in Flanders, will offer space for 25,000 extra pallets. This expansion will allow the French group to ship orders to its destination markets even more efficiently.

The expansion is crucial to support the significant growth of our activities in Europe. With this additional distribution center in Flanders, we will be able to get all products and orders to our customers even more smoothly.

Gidi Pluym
Managing Director of RAJA Benelux

Sustainable construction

During the construction of the new warehouse, sustainability is high on the agenda. For example, the building will be equipped with LED lighting, high-quality insulation, an energy-saving mode for controlling dockside equipment, solar and insulating glazing and a heat pump. The project also attaches great importance to providing charging points for electric bicycles and cars for both employees and visitors. 

Strategic location

RAJA first settled in Tongeren (Flanders) in 2001, the perfect location for shipments throughout the Benelux. “RAJA was among the first companies to set up a base in the Tongeren-Oost industrial area. It can now look back on 20+ years of successful entrepreneurship, evolution and progress,” comments Tongeren mayor Patrick Dewael. “The expansion of RAJA also creates additional employment in the region.”

New talent

The expansion and strong growth of RAJA over the past 2 years also brings with it a search for new talent. “Today we already employ 220 people at RAJA Benelux, more than half of which work in our three current logistics centers. We are still looking for warehouse staff but also employees for the sales, marketing and product & purchase departments, among others,” says Gidi Pluym, General Manager of RAJA Benelux.

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19 September 2022

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