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Flanders offers 1st Benelux e-sports management courses

Starting in September, two of Flanders’ universities and colleges – VUB and PXL – will offer higher education courses in e-sports management. The curricula will be supported by guest lecturers, well-known speakers, influencers and other top figures from the world of esports. VUB and PXL are the first to launch esports coursework in the Benelux region, responding to an ever-growing trend.

esports arena

A business perspective

Like in traditional sports, there is a lot more to esports than the games themselves. In addition to the players, there are numerous sponsors, event organizers and technology, television and other (live) stream companies who want to get their share. VUB’s expert class in e-sports management focuses primarily on the commercial and economic aspects of this fascinating branch of the sports industry. 

The PXL postgraduate also focuses on the business side, but the curriculum also includes gaming & digital media and e-sports technology. “We aim for a strong combination of study and sports. Our e-sporters also receive guidance within their studies and their results are monitored," Francis Vos, department head at PXL-Digital explains.

AI-driven education

The expert class is a 'next-generation' continued education program aimed at juniors and seniors with the ambition to grow into esports experts. The curriculum is taught by international top level guest lecturers, keynote speakers and influencers from the e-sports industry. The expert class aligns perfectly with the pioneering role that VUB plays in the field of artificial intelligence. After all, without the power of algorithms, there would be no esports. 

At PXL, the E-sports Business Architect postgraduate program is meant to train the new generation of professionals for various positions within the e-sports sector. Francis: "Our e-sports business architects are ideally placed to integrate e-sports into a wide range of sectors, such as software, HR, healthcare, education and so much more."

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Reported by
Techpulse, VUB, PXL
10 July 2020

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