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Flanders-based Proceedix partner in Google Glass comeback

Google Glass is making a comeback, targeted at the business community. The giant is teaming up with Ghent-based Proceedix, a start-up developing a platform for workflow digitization. 

Continued efforts catch Google’s eye

Proceedix is on a roll: just last June, they raised EUR 2 million for further expansion in Europe and the US. The company aims to build a platform that integrates smartphones, tablets and smart glasses in production processes. By digitizing workflows, employees will have access to up–to-date and complete information at all times.

Proceedix has shown an interest in Google’s technology ever since the start-up was founded in 2014. Over the years, it became clear that Google Glass fell short as a consumer product, but all the while, Proceedix kept working on a Glass app for the business community. This caught Google’s attention, and yielded the start-up a position as a key partner in the recent relaunch of Google Glass, which remarkets the technology as a means to make production processes more efficient.  

Win-win partnership

Specific software – such as developed by Proceedix –  is crucial for the success of any hardware product (and vice versa). This makes the partnership between Proceedix and Google all the more valuable. Peter Verstraeten, CEO of Proceedix, holds high hopes for the future: “Google Glass has a greater chance of success in the industrial world than in the consumer world. Companies want their employees to have handsfree access to information, no matter the aesthetics. You could say that function trumps fashion.” 

Smart glasses everywhere

Google is not the only one experimenting with smart glasses. Microsoft is building HoloLens, enabling users to watch Netflix series or read emails, as well as assisting them in daily activities such as looking for directions. And Snapchat’s Spectacles allows users to take photos and videos, ready to post on Snapchat. Has the smart glasses tale just begun? 

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Reported by
De Tijd newspaper
3 August 2017

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