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Flanders-based Byteflies joins Google’s Launchpad Studio

Byteflies, a Flanders-based company developing medical monitoring sensors, has been selected for Google’s prestigious Launchpad Studio program. Google wants to help Byteflies further develop its technology and aims to expands its own expertise in med tech. 

Flanders’ sensors draw international attention

Byteflies develops wearable sensors that can be placed nearly anywhere on the body. Hans De Clercq, co-founder: “The sensors allow us to monitor patients’ heart and respiration rates, muscle activity and movement. We sell the sensors to companies who develop applications that transfer the gathered data to doctors and hospitals. About 100 firms from Belgium and beyond have already bought our product.”

De Clercq: “In the future, patients will be able to use the sensors themselves. People suffering from various diseases could then be monitored from a distance, which would reduce the number of hospital visits. In this respect, we also cooperate with Brussels-based pharma company UCB, investigating ways to detect and predict epileptic seizures.” 

Google lends a hand

Byteflies’ inventive technology has not gone unnoticed: Google has invited the company to participate in their Launchpad Studio program, where they will help Byteflies develop new ways to process data gathered by the sensors. Malika Cantor, director of the Google Launchpad Studio: “We’re very excited to work with Byteflies, since we both believe in the potential of machine learning for new healthcare applications.” De Clercq confirms the added value of the cooperation: “Our sensors can detect a heart rate increase, and through machine learning, Google can help us figure out what’s going on with the patient.” 

Transatlantic bonds

Google’s interest is far from Byteflies’ only link to San Francisco’s tech scene: although the company’s 11 employees are based in Flanders, co-founder Hans Danneels works from Berkeley, a stone’s throw away from Silicon Valley. De Clercq: “In this way, we combine the strengths of Flanders’ top-notch engineers with San Francisco’s stimulating environment.” 

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Reported by
Gazet van Antwerpen newspaper
8 January 2018

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