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Flanders and Tasmania unlock green hydrogen potential

The importance of sustainability in Flanders is crystal clear. With the blue economy as one of the region’s spearhead priorities, Flanders not only brings the digital wave to the sea but also focuses strongly on renewable energy initiatives. As another step forward in this regard, the region signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government of Tasmania (Austrialia) on 2 February 2022. The new agreement provides a framework for heightened collaboration in terms of hydrogen R&D, applications and import.

Hydrogen hub in Western Europe

The government of Flanders, represented by Flanders’ Minister for Economy, Science and Innovation Hilde Crevits, signed the MoU with Guy Barnett, the Tasmanian minister of Energy and Emissions reduction. This is a strategically important step, to say the least:

In Tasmania we found a partner that shares the same ambitions and has great potential for production and export of green hydrogen to Flanders. This cooperation agreement sets a course toward a sustainable economic and industrial future with hydrogen.

Hilde Crevits
Flanders’ Minister of Economy, Science & innovation

Consolidating a blue-economy future

Both Flanders and Tasmania make pioneering efforts to strengthen the blue economy. Various Flanders-based companies, for instance, excel in developing sustainable solutions for aquaculture and off-shore wind farms. Keeping the vision on hydrogen of Flanders’ government in mind, they can rely on the knowledge of the region’s research institutions as well as initiatives of Flanders’ hydrogen industry cluster ‘WaterstofNet’. Having the largest hydrogen pipeline in the world and being strategically located in Western Europe with a densely interwoven natural gas and electricity network, Flanders is perfectly poised to become a hydrogen technology leader.

Likewise, Tasmania fosters strong ambitions in making its industry climate neutral. Nowadays, the island is virtually self-sufficient in terms of electricity consumption through renewable energy. But the Australian state wants to go even further. As such, it seeks to become the leading exporter of green hydrogen in Australia by unleashing the potential of renewable energy combined with aquaculture:

Flanders is pursuing an ambitious decarbonization agenda to achieve its climate change goals. This new agreement represents a move that will accelerate global demand for green hydrogen and that’s in line with Tasmania’s target to be a significant green hydrogen exporter from 2030.

Guy Barnett
Tasmanian Minister of Energy and Emissions reduction

The MoU will leverage the development of hydrogen applications, strengthen the trade relations and the execution of joint research. Tasmania and Flanders will also further explore the feasibility for future exports of green hydrogen to ports in Flanders.

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Flanders' vision on hydrogen
Reported by
Flanders Investment & Trade
3 February 2022

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