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Flanders’ higher education system tops the charts

Flanders’ higher education system is renowned for its excellent quality and high standards. The region is home to some of the world’s most innovative universities and competitive management schools, several of which consistently feature high on international scoreboards. Here’s an overview of the latest rankings.  

Top-notch universities

Students from all around the world come to study at one of Flanders' universities in Antwerp (UAntwerpen), Brussels (VUB), Ghent (UGent), Hasselt (UHasselt) and Leuven (KU Leuven). Together, these institutions generate up to 90% of the region’s non-private scientific output and play a significant role in the output of R&D in Flanders.  

Even more, all these institutions systematically show up in the 2019 Shanghai ranking of 1000 best universities in the worldUGent holds 66th place and is the highest-ranking university of Flanders on the list. KU Leuven, the oldest and largest university in Belgium, is number 85. KU Leuven is also ranked as the most innovative university in Europe and 7th-most innovative worldwide in the 2019 Top 100: The Most Innovative Universities ranking by Reuters.  

Competitive business schools

Flanders’ universities aren’t the only institutions internationally celebrated for their high standards; its management schools hold prominent places in international rankings as well. In fact, all of Flanders’ main business schools appear on the 2019 list of 95 Best European Business Schools published by the Financial Times: Vlerick Business School is at 22nd place, while Antwerp Management school is at 46th.  

What’s more, the fact that Flanders’ business schools offer high-quality master’s degree programs is demonstrated by the fact that the most prominent ones also feature in the top 100 Masters in Management (2019, Financial Times).  

Zooming in on Vlerick Business School, this joint management school of KU Leuven and UGent is one of only 99 that hold the Triple Crown Accreditation. Fewer than 1% of all MBA schools across the globe hold this title. Thanks to its excellent online programs, Vlerick Business School also appears as the only Benelux business school in the QS global ranking of best online MBA providers (at number 12). Finally, Vlerick ranks 27th in the Financial Times’ 2020 Executive Education Top 50.  

Chart-topping educational system

Each of these world-famous institutions in Flanders has its unique assets, and in combination, they offer a total package for a strong and competitive higher education system. As a result, Belgium, and Flanders as a region, is ranked 11th globally for the quality of its higher education and training in the World Economic Forum’s 2017-18 global competitiveness report.  

Clearly, through its excellent educational environment, Flanders has what it takes to provide local talent with the necessary skills to lead the world in productivity and innovation.  

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(sources: Reuters, Financial Times, World Economic Forum, Shanghai Ranking)
7 August 2020

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