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Flanders’ gaming industry is on the march

In approving more grants, investing in game development training curricula and stimulating promotion, Minister of Media Sven Gatz is determined to boost Flanders’ gaming industry.

Character - Divinity Original Sin 2

Flanders' gaming landscape

Belgium has a total of 30 game studios, the vast majority of which are located in Flanders. The entire sector consists of 80 companies and employs a workforce of 1,000 people. Game sales have doubled since 2015, which is largely due to the success of Larian, a studio based in Ghent, Flanders that scored a worldwide hit in 'Divinity: Original Sin 2'.

The chance to flourish

With its history in animation and comics as well as its strong creative tradition, there is still plenty of room for Flanders’ gaming industry to grow. Moreover, the region already offers the world’s best training curriculum for game design and development: the digital arts and entertainment course of study at Howest in Kortrijk, West Flanders is unrivaled.

Growth measures

"Flanders’ games sector shares several qualities with our national soccer team, the Red Devils, a few years ago," says Flemish Minister of Media Sven Gatz. “They both have a lot of potential. With the right investments and good coaching, our game studios could also play a key role on a global scale.”

As a result, several measures, such as the improvement of the training offering, will be taken. On the basis of imec’s recommendations, the government has also approved a long-term action plan. As such, the industry will receive more subsidies and will be financed through tax shelter investments. The action plan also involves the stimulation of matchmaking with other relevant sectors, as well as marketing and innovation around gaming.

About Belgium and Flanders

With Dutch as its official language, Flanders (Dutch: Vlaanderen) is the northern region of Belgium. The capital of both Belgium and Flanders is Brussels.

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Training curriculum for game design and development by Howest
Reported by
De Tijd newspaper
11 September 2018

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