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Flanders’ clusters present: ‘Yes, Together We Can!’

In Flanders, the northern region of Belgium, together means stronger, more innovative and more impactful. This spirit is also what drives the region’s spearhead clusters and innovative business networks – where private companies, public organizations and academic institutes come together to take research and development to new heights.

Air Cargo Belgium

Sky-high digital ambitions for logistics

On the north side of Brussels Airport lies BRUCargo, a 109-hectare logistics site that ships nearly 750,000 tons of goods every year. In its midst you’ll find Air Cargo Belgium. This thriving cluster unites forwarders, handlers and airlines through one common goal: making BRUCargo the most efficient platform for logistics innovation in the world. 

Come fly with Air Cargo Belgium

Bike Valley

Shifting up a gear for safer, healthier & faster cycling

When you say cycling, you say Flanders. The region is famous for its cobbled climbs, classic races and cycling legends like Eddy Merckx – to casually drop just one name … Bike Valley adds to this booming ecosystem by uniting researchers, industry players and governmental organizations in one community that strives to become the Silicon Valley of cycling.

Take a tour through Bike Valley

Blue Cluster

Turning the tide for the blue economy

Economic activities linked to the sea are riding the wave of success in Europe. But with great strength comes great responsibility: the blue economy has a key part to play in building a more sustainable world. That’s where the Blue Cluster, one of Flanders’ spearhead clusters, comes in, by encouraging companies and knowledge institutes to co-innovate and turn the tide together. 


Developing the formula for sustainable chemistry

It’s a common misconception that the chemical industry and environmental efforts don’t mix. In fact, chemical products and technologies form a key building block of a sustainable future. At Catalisti, Flanders’ spearhead cluster for chemistry and plastics, promoting a circular economy and tackling climate challenges is a top priority.

Feel the chemistry with Catalisti

Flanders DC

Boosting ‘return on creativity’

Creative minds bursting with ideas continuously question and reinvent themselves and do not shy away from experimenting. However, turning creativity into an economically profitable business is far from easy. That is why Flanders DC aims to support creative entrepreneurs from their early beginnings all the way to international growth.

Enter the zone with Flanders DC

Flanders’ FOOD

Preparing the food of tomorrow

Globalization, climate change, pressure on raw materials, digitalization, automation... The food industry is facing complex challenges that individual companies and organizations can’t tackle on their own. That’s why spearhead cluster Flanders' FOOD brings various industry players together to make agri-food systems more sustainable, innovative and competitive.

Get a taste of Flanders’ FOOD

Where life sciences & digital innovation runs in the family

In a world where big data and the demand for personalization reign supreme, the healthcare industry can’t afford to call in sick. To keep putting the patient first in healthcare innovation, uniting digital, medical and life sciences technologies is just what the doctor ordered. That’s exactly what cluster organization sets out to do.

Take a closer look at the picture of


Powering smart energy

In the famous words of the Smiths, ‘there’s a light that never goes out’ – and in Flanders, Flux50 wants to make sure it keeps shining bright in a sustainable way. The region’s spearhead cluster for smart energy unites companies and knowledge institutions alike to send innovative and positive shockwaves through local and international energy landscapes.

SIM Flanders

Shaping the future with materials science

Materials science is crucial to overcoming the growing economic and societal challenges we face, such as climate change, sustainable use of (raw) materials and an aging population. That’s why spearhead cluster SIM Flanders focuses on developing materials with functionalities and properties that are customized for specific applications and performance requirements.

Get a concrete picture of SIM

The Beacon

Connecting IoT and AI for a smarter world

The Beacon connects technology companies with knowledge institutions, governments and end users with a clear goal in mind: to create a sustainable and smart living environment that is in balance with a flourishing port and industry cluster. To that aim, the cluster organization applies innovative technologies related to the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

Explore the ones and zeros with The Beacon


Where logistics and transport innovation go full throttle

To position Flanders as a global supply chain powerhouse and the ideal European logistics hub: that is the mission of VIL. In doing so, the spearhead cluster works together with its 608 – and counting – member companies and organizations to tackle challenges in green, digital and hinterland logistics as well as urban freight.

Learn how VIL gets logistics rolling

Cluster policy 101

It’s no secret that Flanders ranks as one of Europe’s most innovative regions. It even takes 2nd place in the European Commission’s top 10 list of strong innovators (2019 Regional Innovation Scoreboard). Contributing to this success are the region’s R&D linkages between the public, private and academic sectors – connections that were ‘made official’ when the government of Flanders launched its cluster policy in 2016.

Want to find out more?

  • In this interview, Philippe Muyters (Flanders’ minister of Work, Economy, Innovation & Sports), Claire Tillekaerts (CEO of Flanders Investment & Trade) and Mark Andries (general administrator of Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship) discuss what makes Flanders’ cluster policy unique.
  • In this article, Annie Renders (head of Unit Cluster Policy at Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship) and Marc Van Gastel (head of Invest at Flanders Investment & Trade) share 5 best practices for cluster development and internationalization.

16 September 2019

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