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Event location in Flanders first to deploy UVC disinfection

Event location AED Studios in Flanders is the first in the world to disinfect the air in a room on a permanent basis using UVC light technology. The Mid-Air Disinfection System ensures the sterilization of indoor air through UVC radiation, which is known to break down the DNA and RNA of bacteria, viruses and spores. 

From aerodynamics to sterilization

In April 2020, CEO of AED Group Glenn Roggeman launched the first UVC luminaires under AED’s private label Luxibel. The Mid-Air Disinfection System was then further developed for use in larger public spaces using Roggeman’s knowledge of aerodynamics from his training as a helicopter pilot. “The air exhaled by visitors is sucked upwards by the aerodynamically patented system. Microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses are then neutralized, after which germ-free air is blown back into the room,” Roggeman comments.  

Reducing infection rates

Air disinfection can significantly reduce infection rates in enclosed spaces containing larger groups of people. In June 2020, test results of Boston University and Dutch lighting company Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) have proven that UVC effectively eliminates COVID-19 particles from the air.  

Moreover, as Luxibel carries out the UVC disinfection process within a fully enclosed device, there is no risk of harmful radiation to people. 

Hope for the events and entertainment industry

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, UVC disinfection offers new opportunities for the event and entertainment sector. “In addition to the coronavirus measures concerning social distancing and hand hygiene, I am convinced that technological innovations can contribute to better protection,” says Roggeman. 

Together with the Mid-Air Disinfection System, Luxibel has also developed scanners that assess the body temperatures of event guests at AED Studios. “In doing so, we seek to offer total protection to our visitors.” 

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28 August 2020

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