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EUR 1 million for French ECA drone factory in Flanders

Following ECA Group’s earlier announcement of a new investment, the government of Flanders is now granting EUR 1 million in government support to the French company. In Ostend, ECA Group is building a new factory for the production of drones that can be used to detect mines by the navy in Zeebrugge, among other applications. Upon completion, the new factory will employ 70 people. 

EUR 1 million for French ECA drone factory in Flanders

Reducing risk

Leveraging 40 years of experience, French company ECA Group specializes in the development and production of demining systems and associated robots. At its new factory in Ostend, the French company will assemble and maintain drones for both the Belgian and Dutch navies, making it possible to search the sea more efficiently for explosive mines in order to remotely defuse them afterwards.

Thanks to the drones, the mother ship itself can remain outside the minefield, so that the crew remains at a safe distance and runs much less risk. This technology will drastically change the face of mine hunting, making it safer for marines and their ships.

Knowledge and technology center

The new ECA Group building will be located along the Sloepenlaan in Ostend, on the premises of the former Beliard shipbuilding site. A concession agreement has been concluded with the Port of Ostend for a period of 30 years. In addition, ECA Group will also construct a knowledge and technology center where new concepts can be developed. In total, the project involves an investment of over EUR 14 million.

The Ostend site should be operational by 2022. In the course of 2021, ECA Group will start looking for manual workers, technicians, engineers and more.

More info

ECA Group
Reported by
Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper
16 September 2020

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EUR 1 million grant for ECA Group’s drone factory in Flanders


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