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EU’s largest logistics innovation center opens in Flanders

If there’s one industry that never stands still, it’s the world of logistics. Distribution and logistics players are not just literally on the move all the time; they are also moving forward figuratively speaking through innovative new projects, technologies, and development. This also rings true for VIL, Flanders’ spearhead cluster for logistics. The organization is one of the driving forces behind the logistics innovation & demo center Log!Ville, which recently opened its doors in Flanders in October 2021.

Log!Ville by VIL, Europe's largest innovation and demo center for logistics

Europe’s logistics showpiece

Log!Ville is Europe’s largest open demonstration and experience center for the logistics industry. Here, companies small and large can discover and test the latest cutting-edge technologies. Hydrogen trucks, inventory management with drones, autonomous mobile warehouse robots, digital yard solutions… The list of possible things to explore at Log!Ville is seemingly endless.

Situated at the Science Park University of Antwerp in Niel (Flanders), the center was founded by VIL with the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the government support agency POM Antwerp.

“Log!Ville is Europe’s logistics showpiece. As a spearhead cluster for logistics, VIL has been giving companies insight into the latest logistics technologies and solutions for years. In Log!Ville, 2,500 m² of innovations will be on display for companies to try out first-hand. I am proud that VIL has accomplished this for the sector and consider it an honor to be the first chairman of Log!Ville.”
Kurt Van Donink, chairman of Log!Ville and VP European Logistics at Nike

Virtual experience meets physical test center

In Log!Ville, entrepreneurs can experience the logistic challenges of the future through visualization, customization and digital storytelling. The center’s impressive demonstration hall showcases the latest mature technologies, ready for the supply chain.

Think, for example, of self-propelled vehicles and vessels, dark warehouses, artificial intelligence, digital product passports, additive manufacturing, smart city logistics, and much, much more. It can all be found under one roof, encouraging entrepreneurs to automate, digitize and make their logistics operations more sustainable.

Public-private collab

Log!Ville features a mix of innovation examples from start-ups, scale-ups, large companies and knowledge institutions. While it is located in Flanders’ province of Antwerp, the center also has two satellites in the provinces of West Flanders and Limburg. As an open center that’s accessible to everyone and has state-of-the-art meeting facilities, Log!Ville provides an ideal environment for knowledge sharing and co-creation.

Discover VIL, Flanders’ spearhead cluster for logistics

Discover all about Flanders’ logistics innovation ecosystem.

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30 November 2021

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