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E-commerce company Radial (US) enters Flanders

Radial, a leading provider of integrated e-commerce logistics, has opened a branch in Boom (Flanders). There, the American bpost subsidiary will work closely with Dynalogic. Prior to this, Radial was already active in five European countries: Germany, Italy, Poland, the UK and the Netherlands.

In close cooperation

It's safe to say that Radial is no stranger to Flanders, Belgium’s northern region. In November 2017, the company was acquired by bpost, the country’s leading postal operator and e-commerce logistics provider for the Benelux, Europe, North America and Asia. At the new site in Boom, Radial has moved into the building of Dynalogic – a bpost division since 2016 –  which offers personalized deliveries of fragile products and items. From there, Radial will discover all of Flanders assets in e-commerce.

A great opportunity for synergy

It’s not the first time for Radial to cross paths with Dynalogic. Both companies also share a building in the Netherlands. This co-housing paves the way for closer collaboration, as Radial is focused on the fulfilment of larger omnichannel retailers, web shops and marketplaces with very diverse products, ranging from cosmetics and clothing to large electronics, DIY, home & garden and appliances. The latter products often require special delivery and installation options, with which Dynalogic can assist.

Still under development

Communication about the expansion is still scarce, as the new site is still in full swing. “Indeed, Radial started logistics and fulfillment earlier this year for a company specializing in bulky goods,” says bpost spokesperson Veerle Van Mierlo. “We are still in the process of business development to attract new customers. It is still too early to give more details.”

When the time is right, we will communicate just when Radial's operations in Flanders will be scaled up.

Veerle Van Mierlo
spokeswoman of bpost

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20 September 2021

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