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DPD (France) accelerates its expansion in Flanders

As e-commerce is on the rise, DPD is going big. The parcel delivery company is spending EUR 10 million to expand the number of depots in Flanders and will invest another EUR 50 million in a new and fully automated sorting center strategically located near Brussels over the next three years. This should create 500 extra jobs.

Giant leap for e-commerce

During the corona crisis, e-commerce has been exploding in popularity, and French parcel delivery company DPD experienced a volume increase ranging from 50 to 80%. Mainly toys, coffee, dry food, pet food, sportswear and online pharmacy products are in high demand online. “It is clear that e-commerce is here to stay,” says Frank Jahn, director of marketing and sales at DPD Belux. In response, the company announced a three-year plan to invest a total of EUR 60 million in additional processing capacity in Flanders and Brussels, the capital of both Belgium and Flanders.

Up to 500 extra jobs

The investment covers a fully automated sorting center – location still unknown – and three additional depots in Sint-Niklaas, Asse-Zellik and Lummen, equipped with semi-automated sorting machines. The branch in Mechelen will be replaced with a new depot in Puurs, bringing the total number of DPD depots in Belgium and Luxembourg to ten. The expansion will create 200 extra jobs, increasing the total number of DPD employees in Belgium to 700. Furthermore, the number of drivers employed by subcontractors is expected to rise from 600 to 900.

Ready for an action-packed autumn

“The aim is to finish the extra depots by September and October 2020, while the new fully automated hub near Brussels should be ready by mid-2022,” says Silvio Mestdagh, CEO of DPD Belux. “This hub will quadruple our sorting capacity from between 80,000 and 100,000 parcels a day to between 350,000 and 400,000, making DPD the number one player in Europe. This year, we anticipate a shift from the B2B to B2C market, where there’s already a visible increase in turnover, which grew from EUR 190 million last year to EUR 240 million.”

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7 August 2020

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