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Direct flights from Brussels Airport to Shanghai

Flying from Brussels Airport to Chinese megalopolis Shanghai is fast and easy again. Hainan Airlines has restored this major air link between two world cities, bringing China and Flanders closer together.

Flying from Brussels Airport to Chinese megalopolis Shanghai is fast and easy again.

Traditional water salute

With the arrival of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the route Shanghai – Brussels Airport (Flanders) has been officially reopened again. In the presence of Belgium’s prime minister Charles Michel and the ministers of Economy and Mobility, the plane was festively cheered, celebrated and saluted with water. 

Close collaborations

“This new air connection confirms the ever-tightening relationship between Belgium and China,” Michel explains. “It is certain that this will boost all economic, cultural and tourism ties both countries hold.” By restoring this route, Hainan Airlines (China) provides a second direct air link between Flanders and China, in addition to its direct flights from Brussels to Beijing. 

Aiming for 7 days a week

There hasn’t been a direct air connection between Brussels and Shanghai since 2011, when the latter hosted a world’s fair, attracting numerous visitors from all over the globe. Hainan Airlines recommences flying the Brussels-Shanghai route on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. “We eventually aim to organize daily flights between both cities,” says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport. 

East meets West

“Because Brussels serves as a perfect starting point for a trip through Europe, and that awareness is rising among Chinese tourists. Today, we record about 150,000 arrivals from China a year, and this number will only grow.” According to Feist, the new route will also create 100 extra jobs.

About Belgium and Flanders

With Dutch as its official language, Flanders (Dutch: Vlaanderen) is the northern region of Belgium. The capital of both Belgium and Flanders is Brussels.

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