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Digital education in Flanders ahead of EU average

When it comes to digital tasks and exercises, education in Flanders outpaces the European average. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, 62% of primary and secondary teachers in Flanders included digital tools in their classes, compared to 59% in other European regions. 

Digital classes during lockdown

Finnish firm Sanoma Learning, the parent company of Flanders’ educational publisher Van In, launched a survey on the digitalization of education during the coronavirus pandemic. Figures show that, in the face of COVID-19, 89% of primary and secondary teachers in Flanders gave their students online tasks and exercises, compared to 87% in eleven European regions surveyed. 

What’s more, over three quarters of Flanders’ teachers taught digitally to the entire class during the lockdown, a rise of 67% compared to pre-corona years. 93% of Flanders’ primary school pupils and 75% of the secondary school students received digital exercises at least once a week. Moreover, 22% had weekly online tests, compared to only 6% before the pandemic. 

“This survey shows that, in terms of digital practice, Flanders was already ahead of the curve in Europe – and has maintained its leading position during the pandemic. It also demonstrates the efforts of Flanders’ education system to keep its students learning throughout the lockdown,” concludes Winfried Mortelmans, CEO of Van In.  

Happy with online platforms

Teachers appear to be satisfied with the digital learning platform offer in Flanders: 89% gave a score higher than 3 out of 5. The average score of the platforms questioned in the survey was 3.9. 

“Flanders’ education system has made a big leap forward in the use of digital tools," says Mortelmans. “Even though the teachers did not have any other option, what they accomplished is still spectacular. The next step is to integrate these digital instruments into a real 'blended learning' module that strengthens the traditional learning process.” 

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Sanoma Learning
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Knack Datanews website
28 August 2020

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