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Daikin (JP) houses cutting-edge R&D center in Flanders

Daikin is fully committed to helping achieve the European Green Deal targets. That’s why the Japanese air condition specialist is investing in a new research and development center in Ghent, Flanders. In the long term, this will create 180 additional jobs in the region. The company also plans to intensify its collaboration with UGent, one of Flanders’ leading universities.

Daikin Europe’s EMEA headquarters in Ostend

On a winning streak …

Daikin is on a winning streak in Flanders, to say the least. In 2019, the Japanese multinational received Flanders Investment & Trade’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Trophy, highlighting the company’s 45-year track record of continuous investments in Flanders. Ever since Daikin first set foot in the region in 1973, innovation has always been key. Over the years, the company has become the biggest employer in the coastal city of Ostend (West Flanders), where Daikin Europe’s EMEA headquarters is located.

Meanwhile, Daikin’s research departments in Ostend and Ghent are bursting at the seams. Consequently, the company is investing EUR 140 million to centralize its R&D activities in Ghent, where it will fully benefit from Flanders’ innovation-driven economy. This new project is yet another addition to a series of substantial investments in the region. In 2016, for instance, the Japanese air-conditioning giant channeled EUR 25.5 million into its activities in Flanders – part of which went to building two ultra-modern testing rooms at its R&D center. This investment led to a nomination for Flanders’  2017 Foreign Investment of the Year Trophy.

The future is looking green

Daikin already has a branch in Ghent, where it focuses on the development of new applications. But to really get on board with Europe’s ambitions to become climate neutral by 2050, the company has ambitious plans. Hilde Goossens, HR manager at Daikin Europe, explains: “We want to invest in the development of new technologies to improve energy efficiency and to enhance our existing heat pump techniques.”

For this, the company is planning to engage the bright minds of UGent, one of Flanders’ world-class universities.

We've been working with Ghent University for years. This positive experience led us to centralize all our R&D activities at a new research center in Ghent.

Hilde Goossens
HR manager at Daikin Europe

180 extra jobs in the wings

Daikin’s new office building will be located next to their existing branch at Tech Lane, the Ghent technology park that houses several IT and biotech companies as well as university research centers. The new office complex will be completed by the end of 2023 and will accommodate up to 500 people.

Currently, both R&D sites employ about 200 people. Most of the research staff in Ostend will move to East Flanders. By 2025, the new research center in Ghent will employ 380 people.

More info

Daikin Europe
Reported by
Newspaper De Tijd
11 January 2021

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