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Coopersap (BR) brings unique consultancy model to Flanders

Coopersap, a cooperative of SAP consultants, is ready to conquer Europe, and then the rest of the world. To achieve that, the Brazilian company is opening its very first European branch at Corda Campus near the city of Hasselt in Flanders. “We see Flanders as a gateway to Europe,” says André Garrocini, CEO of Coopersap Brazil.

Above and beyond traditional consulting

Founded in 2019, Coopersap is a cooperative business offering a new model for SAP consulting. The company prides itself on delivering the best consulting services at the lowest cost. “We sought to bring a fair and sustainable SAP consulting model to consultants, customers and society as a whole,” says André Garrocini. “And it works!”

We sought to bring a fair and sustainable SAP consulting model to consultants, customers and society as a whole.

André Garrocini
CEO of Coopersap Brazil

Fast forward to 2022 and Coopersap has 66 consultants in different countries, directly serving over 30 customers worldwide. “Each consultant who starts at Coopersap needs to buy company shares,” explains André Garrocini. “In other words, we grow through the support of our members, who are all working from home. We have no physical structure or hierarchy levels, and no back office or directors to pay.”

When everyone’s committed, everybody wins

In keeping with the cooperative’s commitment, Coopersap created the win-win model, aimed to share the successful outcome of its projects with those responsible for it. André Garrocini: “Once a project is finished, the remaining hours of our estimated proposal are divided between the consultants, the customer and the cooperative. Customers can accumulate hours as long as they want and use them in new projects or as a form of payment for open projects.”

Building an SAP strategy is crucial for companies to stay competitive in the digital era. Coopersap’s investment fits perfectly within Flanders’ tech strategy, which has the internationalization of Digital Tech as one of its three focus domains.

Michel Hofman
dep. Director USA, Central & Latin America Investments at Flanders Investment & Trade

Unlocking the European market

Backed by its successful business model, Coopersap is ready to spread its wings across Europe, with a first branch in Flanders. “We were looking to expand in Europe, but didn’t know where,” André Garrocini recalls.

“Dirk Schamphelaere, who represents Flanders Investment & Trade in Brazil, invited us to participate in the ‘International Tech Virtual Mission’, a 3-day virtual event where experts presented the benefits of Flanders to international companies looking to expand their business. Flanders immediately felt like a great choice, as it’s located right in the center of Western Europe. But the region also turned out to be greatly beneficial for our business in terms of tax structure and governmental support.”

Corda Campus is Flanders’ leading international campus in the fields of technology, high-tech, ICT and media. With Coopersap, it welcomes yet another innovative company to its business and innovation community.

Claudia Rolim
Investment Promotion Officer at Flanders Investment & Trade

Conquering the world

André and his team plan to take the time to introduce the Coopersap model to European customers and consultants. As soon as the cooperative model is properly in place in Flanders, new members will be able to join: “Europe has a large SAP ecosystem. We are confident we will fit right in. Once consultants get to know our way of working, they will love to play a part. Our philosophy is global, we won’t settle for less.”

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4 April 2022

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