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Coming soon to Flanders: Ghent Logistic Campus

By constructing a new 150,000 m² state-of-the-art site, Ghent Logistic Campus, real estate developer Heylen Warehouses is investing in Flanders’ logistics and e-commerce success. Following a boost in e-commerce, which was partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for storage and logistical space has increased significantly. The site’s excellent location at North Sea Port Ghent will enable logistics players to ensure fast and smooth transport of goods across Europe.

Ghent Logistics Campus at North Sea Port Ghent

Smooth, rapid stock handling

"Speed, assurance and short delivery times are more important than ever, especially since COVID-19 has given e-commerce a boost," comments Ralph Caspanni, CEO of Heylen Warehouses. "In order to guarantee speed, three factors play an important role: distance to the consumer, the immediate availability of products and the size of the stock.”  

To fulfil these requirements, logistics players need more storage space closer to home on multimodal sites. Strategic storage spaces can shorten delivery times and reduce dependency on a chain of suppliers. “Thanks to the location at North Sea Port, Ghent Logistic Campus is easily accessible and guarantees smooth, rapid stock handling,” explains Ralph Caspanni.  

Gateway to Europe and beyond

North Sea Port, the eighth-largest European port, enables fast overseas connections with the United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries. Efficient transport is also possible by railway and road due to nearby major highways (E17, E40, E34 and R4) and railway connections with continental Europe and China. 

Sustainability and new employment

Ghent Logistic Campus counts fourteen units and includes storage facilities. These will be sustainable thanks to the application of  smart technology and sensors. In this way, energy consumption can be monitored and optimized, allowing tenants to control their operational costs. 

The new site does not only offer logistics space but will also provide offices for companies. "The arrival of companies will create about 500 extra jobs in the region,” concludes Philippe Deschilder, CEO of Heylen Warehouses. 

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18 June 2020

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