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CAPTURE: new resource recovery accelerator in Flanders

With resource recovery as its focus, CAPTURE is a research platform and accelerator that unites academics from different faculties at Flanders’ Ghent University as well as various international players from the private and public sectors. In collaboration with the government of Flanders and province of East Flanders, the European Regional Development Fund is funneling EUR 15 million into the project.

The research platform and accelerator fosters collaboration with the aim of keeping Flanders at the forefront of resource recovery.

Resource recovery frontrunner

The academic, business and public partners involved in CAPTURE do not see plastics, water and carbon dioxide as waste products, but rather as resources for novel developments. The research platform and accelerator fosters collaboration with the aim of keeping Flanders at the forefront of resource recovery. This will only add to Flanders’ credentials as one of the leading circular economies in Europe and a pioneer in biobased innovation.

Clear ambitions

Short for ‘Center for Advanced Process Technology for Urban REsource recovery’, CAPTURE aims to:

  • establish a Flanders-based network with international branches that unites expertise in the reuse of resources;
  • construct a new building where experts with complementary knowledge can work together and gain access to the necessary infrastructure and facilities to demonstrate new resource reuse solutions;
  • function as a one-stop-shop for companies and public players in Flanders;
  • support companies that want to grow in the field of resource recuperation;
  • create business platforms that enable close interaction with industrial stakeholders.
  • set up an advisory board consisting of entrepreneurs and policymakers.

Accelerator in the making

Part of the ambitious project is the construction of a brand-new, 7000m2 accelerator at the Science Park in Ghent (Flanders). Partly owned by the University of Ghent’s Incubation and Innovation Center (IIC UGent), the new building will include an enormous technology hall, demonstration infrastructure, shared laboratories, and more. Construction is planned to start in August 2018. To be continued!

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11 January 2018

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