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Brolis (Lithuania) sets up photonics R&D in Ghent, Flanders

Headquartered in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, Brolis Semiconductors is establishing a brand-new R&D division in Ghent, Flanders. There, the company will focus on the design and development of novel integrated silicon photonics applications.

An innovative match

Through its R&D base in Ghent (Flanders), Brolis is adding both photonic integrated circuit technology and silicon technology to its portfolio. This paves the way for the development of integrated hybrid chip technology with brand-new functionalities: think of extremely small remote laser sensors in industrial and healthcare applications, such as smart wearables.

“We are delighted to set up R&D activities in Ghent, Flanders,” comments Augustinas Vizbaras, co-founder and head of Chip Technology at Brolis Semiconductors. “Ghent is renowned worldwide as a great location for silicon photonics research. Our successful collaboration with the Photonics Research Group at Ghent University, for example, proved to be the decisive trigger for us to commercialize our GaSb/SOI technology. We feel like we are in good company in Ghent.”

“Ghent is renowned worldwide for silicon photonics research” 

Augustinas Vizbaras
co-founder of Brolis Semiconductors

To the next level

“Brolis has already managed to bring GaSb-based laser diode technology to an industrial level,” adds Dr. Andreas De Groote, who will be leading the design of the photonic integrated circuit technology at the new Flanders-based R&D office. “The next step is to integrate these GaSb chips as key components into photonic integrated circuit technology, and scale it up to industrial level.”

Strong reputation

“Brolis Semiconductors’ investment in Ghent pays testimony to Flanders’ strong reputation for innovation, particularly in photonics research and development,” says Thomas Castrel, economic counselor at Flanders Investment & Trade’s office in Vilnius, Lithuania. “Companies choose to invest in R&D in Flanders because of the region’s world-class universities and research institutes, combined with an R&D-friendly tax environment for research-driven businesses.”

“We are happy that Brolis Semiconductors, one of Lithuania’s flagship companies, has developed a fruitful, long-term collaboration with Ghent University – resulting in the establishment of a brand-new office in Flanders,” he concludes.

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10 October 2017

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