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BASF (Germany) expands production in Antwerp (Flanders)

With a new production facility for alkylethanolamines in the Port of Antwerp, the leading German chemical company BASF is finalizing its ambitious plan to establish four new production sites in Flanders. The new plant is scheduled to be operational in 2024, concluding a EUR 1.5 billion investment round which was announced in 2019.

Rising demand

BASF is one of world’s leaders in the production of alkylethanolamines. With a rising demand for the widely used chemical, a new production facility in the Port of Antwerp is a necessary next step. The upcoming expansion will increase the German company’s global production of alkylethanolamines by almost 30% and result in a gain of over 140,000 tons annually.

In the next couple of years, we see a growing demand for alkylethanolamines in a wide range of industries, such as water or gas treatment and detergents. Our latest investment in the Port of Antwerp supports our ambition to manufacture products that stimulate the growth of our customers.

Frank Stein
Director Regional Business Unit Europe at BASF

Natural symbiosis

BASF’s new production facility will be part of its Verbund site in Antwerp, which is the company’s second largest facility in the world. The cost-efficient production site ensures that raw materials get processed in one factory, then are sent to and refined in another, keeping transportation costs to a minimum.

Coupled with its high local upstream integration, this also cuts BASF’s carbon footprint. In addition, the company’s new facility will meet the strict new environmental norms to ensure the sustainable production of alkylethanolamines.

A chemical connection

BASF and Flanders have a long history together. Over 50 years ago, BASF established its first production facility at the Port of Antwerp: BASF Antwerp was born. With over 3,000 employees and counting, it has become the group’s largest production site in Belgium and its second-largest worldwide.

For its ongoing investments in the local business environment, BASF was even awarded Flanders’ Investment & Trade’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Trophy in 2017. Ever since its early years, the German chemical company has endeavored to strike a balance between economic, ecological and societal needs in Antwerp.

The products created at BASF Antwerp are utilized in virtually all manufacturing industries, including automotive, construction, textile, food and pharmaceuticals, as well as in the production of paper, leather goods and sports equipment.

Reported by
De Tijd,, Gazet van Antwerpen
5 April 2022

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