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Aurubis (DE) to build copper recycling facility in Flanders

EUR 27 million. That’s how much Aurubis will be investing at its Beerse site in Flanders. There, the world’s largest copper recycler and leading integrated copper group from Germany will be building a state-of-the-art recycling facility. Short for ‘Advanced Sludge Processing by Aurubis’, the ‘ASPA’ facility will process anode sludge – an intermediate product from electrolytic copper refining – from recycling sites in Beerse (Flanders) and Lünen (Germany).

Enabling more extraction

Aurubis’ plant in Beerse processes approximately 250,000 tons of multimetal scrap per year and produces metals, metal products and minerals from them. Since acquiring the Metallo Group in 2020, the German company is further expanding its role as one of the world’s leading copper recyclers – currently processing a total of around 1 million tons of recycling materials per year.

Once introduced, the new process at the Beerse recycling facility will enable Aurubis to extract more precious metals – including gold and silver – as well as tin from the anode sludge.

Metal recycling is a core business area for Aurubis. This is how we contribute significantly to the circular economy. With ASPA, our production in Beerse is becoming faster, more efficient, and with less valuable metal loss.

Dr. Heiko Arnold
COO of Aurubis AG

Successfully synergizing

In addition to contributing to circular ambitions, the to-be-built facility also serves as an example of the synergies that Aurubis aims to create within the group:

The new facility is also a prime example of the synergies created by the acquisition of Metallo and how the whole company benefits in developing new innovative solutions together. ASPA uses the in-house recycling know-how of the Beerse plant and grafts it into the processes of other Aurubis plants.

Dr. Heiko Arnold
COO of Aurubis AG

“Circular economy at its best”

The development of the new recycling facility also pays testimony to Aurubis’ commitment to innovating and to reaching an independent production cycle.

We have been working on perfecting the ASPA process for more than three years. This is an important project for us because it allows us to get more valuable metals out of the same intermediate product and to do it faster than before. What’s more, the new hydrometallurgical process increases the valorization of valuable metals such as tin and precious metals. For us, this is the circular economy at its best.

Dirk Vandenberghe
managing director at Aurubis Beerse

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press release Aurubis
7 September 2021

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