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AI firm Robovision (Flanders) raises capital for expansion

Robovision, an AI specialist based in Ghent (Flanders), has raised EUR 10 million with a bond loan that will be converted into shares upon maturity. Ultimately, the company – which develops AI-powered intelligent applications in agriculture, healthcare and manufacturing that solve challenging visual tasks – aims to go public.

Preparing for a series A round

For its convertible bond, Robovision has called on what co-founder and CEO Jonathan Berte calls “trusted partners”. These investors are AtlasInvest, Dovesco and PE Group. The fresh capital injection will mainly be used to expand Robovision’s commercial and R&D activities.

What’s more, “those three partners have decided to support us in preparation for a series A capital round,” says Berte. Ultimately, Robovision wants to go public with its business. “If you want to make a positive impact as a technology company while being supported by the financial markets and allowing your team to share in the success, a stock launch is the most obvious choice,” Berte adds.  

These are exciting times for Robovision and AI. Securing this funding means we can be proud of our past endeavors and successful growth so far while also looking forward to a very bright future. Robovision is thrilled to have PE Group, AtlasInvest and Dovesco on our journey to scale, expand and bring the Robovision platform to more integrators seeking world-class computer vision solutions.

Jonathan Berte
co-founder and CEO of Robovision

A pioneer in AI and deep learning

Since 2012, Robovision has grown into a pioneer in developing computer-vision technology for automation and robotics. Thanks to its RVAI platform, operators with no technical background can build deep learning-based solutions quickly to automate repetitive processes and enable machines to carry out complex visual tasks.

To highlight a few examples of the company’s track record:

  • Robovision was the first AI firm to successfully use 3D deep learning to determine the growth of tulip bulbs, harvesting flowers and industrial plant grading.
  • In the manufacturing industry, Robovision enables real-time visual inspection to increase product quality, reduce waste and improve production line efficiency.

Building for growth

With the new funding, Robovision will invest in product and engineering teams to respond to the strong market demand for its RVAI platform. Furthermore, the funding will enable the company to accelerate its product roadmap to establish market leadership and expand its go-to-market teams.

More info

Reported by
newspaper De Tijd, press release Robovision
2 May 2022

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