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AI app by ML6 (Flanders) detects people without face masks

Part of Ghent’s thriving digital start-up scene, ML6 launched yet another valuable tool in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19). The Flanders-based scale-up’s most recent invention uses AI to spot people who are not wearing face masks in public spaces where wearing one is mandatory, and alerts them with a sound signal.  

Automatic control mechanism

The ML6 team of machine learning and artificial intelligence experts developed a free AI application that detects visitors and employees who are not wearing face masks. The app is a real asset to retailers and companies now that masks are mandatory in several public places in Belgium. 

“Checking whether each visitor is wearing a mask is a particularly time-consuming task,” explains Juta Staes, machine learning engineer at ML6. “Assigning this task to an employee is not cost effective and simply placing signs is not enough. Using only a computer and a camera, our AI application checks every customer for a face mask automatically.” 

How it works

Through facial recognition, the AI application detects the faces of everyone who appears on the camera footage. Another model simultaneously checks whether a person’s mouth is visible and therefore not covered by a face mask. A signal alerts anyone nearby that a visitor has entered without a mask, stimulating social control. 

The application is very user friendly and easy to install. Moreover, it does not store any data, although ML6 recommends that companies carry out a Data Processing Impact Assessment (Art. 35 GDPR) before using the application. 

Free for all

The technology is an ideal solution for public transport services, retailers, and large companies. “Since Saturday 25 July 2020, wearing a face mask is mandatory in shopping malls, cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, museums, libraries and other busy public spaces in Belgium. Our application can provide considerable support to make sure that this regulation is thoroughly adhered to,” comments Staes.  

To ensure the safety of as many people and organizations as possible, ML6 has made their application accessible for free

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Reported by
Digimedia website
18 August 2020

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