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5G specialist arQana (Flanders) acquired by Foxconn

Taiwanese tech firm Foxconn is taking over ownership of chip developer arQana. Along with the buyout, Hon Hai Precision Industry – as Foxconn is officially called – will also acquire arQana’s wireless communication activities, which have offices in Taiwan and Leuven (Flanders). 

The arQana Belgium head office in Leuven

In imec’s backyard

arQana specializes in the development of components for 5G infrastructure. The company was founded in 2017 by Glenn Vandevoorde, a tech entrepreneur from Flanders, with funding from Asian investors. arQana established an HQ in Taiwan, which is home to major chip manufacturers. Later, it moved its R&D to Heverlee near Leuven in Flanders – in the metaphorical backyard of imec, Flanders’ strategic research center for nanotech and digital innovation.

Becoming iCana

Foxconn is merging the acquired arQana operations with its US subsidiary AchernarTek and renaming the newly formed company as ‘iCana’. Vandevoorde and his management team will continue to lead that new company. The entrepreneur from Flanders also previously founded semiconductor company Future Waves in 2005, which was sold to Toumaz Technology in 2009. 

The newly formed iCana profiles itself as a global supplier of wireless semiconductor components that can be used in 5G infrastructure and in the automotive industry, among other domains. Vandevoorde calls the acquisition by Foxconn a good thing because it will allow products to get to market faster. He cites connected electric cars as one of the first important new markets that can be capitalized on with Foxconn’s help.

Foxconn shares our vision to be the brightest star in the 5G universe. This acquisition will accelerate our innovations and product introductions, shorten components’ time to market and support the future growth of the business.

Glenn Vandevoorde
CEO of iCana and former CEO of arQana

First time in Flanders

This is the first time Foxconn has made an acquisition in Flanders. Foxconn is one of the largest electronics companies in the world, and it is best known as the manufacturer of Apple’s iPhones. The company is headquartered in Taiwan but operates large factories in mainland China. 

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More info

Reported by
De Tijd newspaper, Foxconn press release
18 May 2022

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