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3i-backed Havea acquires pharma expert from Flanders

The French Havea Group, a European specialist in natural health products, is taking over the Flanders-based pharmaceutical company ixX Pharma, a key player in food supplements. The acquisition is backed by the private equity giant 3i. “Joining a partner like Havea means we can boost the brand's growth and keep its unique identity," the founders of ixX Pharma say.

A natural match

Havea Group is a relatively big name in the European market for natural health products. The French company specializes in food supplements, essential oils, cosmetics, hygiene products, and tea. Its products, including its house brand Aragan, are sold through pharmacies, regular stores, and online.

ixX Pharma operates in the same market and serves Belgian and Luxembourg pharmacies with its products. It was founded in 2005 in Nieuwkerken-Waas (Flanders) by scientists Danny Bral and René Zagers. Today it's one of the most innovative companies in the world of food supplements, thanks to its unique scientific approach and renowned products like ImmunixX, J-ixX, and PEA-ixX.

A proven partner for growth

ixX currently employs over 20 people. Last year, the company accounted for a turnover of about EUR 12 million, but Danny Bral and René Zagers felt they needed a partner to support its international ambitions and growth. Mission accomplished! Havea has a turnover of EUR 200 million and has been growing stronger ever since forming a partnership with the investment company 3i. Case in point: this is Havea’s fifth acquisition in five years.

Danny Bral and René Zagers: "We recently decided to start a new development phase for ixX pharma, by joining a partner capable of boosting the brand's growth."

We are convinced that by joining Havea, ixX pharma will keep its unique identity while benefiting from the platform Havea has built for its brands.

Danny Bral and René Zagers
ixX Pharma

Shared DNA

Nicolas Brodetsky, CEO of Havea, points out that both companies have common DNA: natural products and a scientific approach. “Both brands share a very similar model based on pharmacists’ advice,” he says.

The brand awareness and expertise of ixX pharma in Belgium's and Flanders' food supplements markets will enable Havea to become a key player in the region.

Nicolas Brodetsky
CEO at Havea

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ixX Pharma
Reported by
newspaper De Tijd
27 September 2021

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