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3D Systems (US) acquires software firm Oqton (Flanders)

Oqton, a Ghent-based software company specialized in manufacturing operation system platforms, is coming under the ownership of 3D Systems. A leader in 3D printing solutions for over 30 years, the American company is paying USD 180 million for the acquisition. Through it, 3D Systems seeks to meet the rapidly rising demand for software to simplify production environments.

Innovation in full flight

A fast-growing international start-up, Oqton provides software solutions for flexible production environments that increasingly utilize a range of advanced manufacturing and automation technologies. This requires deep expertise in artificial intelligence, automation, robotics and machine learning. Their cloud-based platform enables manufacturers to easily manage and scale complex digital manufacturing processes in response to changing market demands, such as those for dentistry, healthcare, biotech, aerospace and automotive.

As a result of the acquisition, co-founder and CEO Ben Schrauwen, a former professor of robotics at UGent, one of Flanders’ five universities, will now lead all of 3D Systems' R&D activities from Belgium, of which Flanders is the northern region.

We look forward to leveraging 3D Systems’ knowledge, resources and ability to continue to innovate and deliver solutions that help companies accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing in production environments.

Ben Schrauwen
co-founder and CEO of Oqton

See a need, meet a need

According to Dr.Jeffrey Graves, president and CEO of 3D Systems, Oqton’s best-in-class solution will address customers’ needs for a manufacturing software platform that can easily and intelligently incorporate all key enterprise software and digital production systems, including robotic welding, machining, finishing and inspection operations, in full production environments.

Our industrial and healthcare customers are accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing in production environments.

Jeffrey Graves
president and CEO of 3D Systems

To meet the increased demand most effectively, Oqton will operate as an independent organization and solution platform within 3D Systems, ensuring data security and confidentiality for customers.

Climbing to the top

Meanwhile, 3D Systems expands the availability of 3DXpert®, 3D Sprint®, Geomagic® and Additive Works’ Amphyon™ simulation software to the entire additive industry. Currently, this market is worth around USD 1.5 billion and is projected to reach an estimated USD 6 billion by 2025. 3D Systems hopes to derive around USD 100 million in revenue from its activities by then.

It’s not the first time that the American company chooses Flanders for its expansion plans. In 2014, it took over Leuven-based sector peer Layerwise.

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30 September 2021

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