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€3.5 mil for IoT-powered logistics in Flanders and beyond

Headquartered in Ghent (Flanders), Sensolus enables companies to track non-powered assets – think packaging, pallets and boxes – in supply chains and industrial manufacturing with innovative, cost-effective Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. One of the many anchoring players of Flanders’ leading smart logistics ecosystem, Sensolus recently closed a EUR 3.5 million funding round, led by the Industrial Technologies Fund of btov Partners (Germany). This enables the Flanders-based company to boost growth in existing markets and harness new opportunities in Europe and the US.

Non-powered assets are crucial

All logistics and supply chain processes depend on huge numbers of non-powered assets such as reusable packaging, pallets, containers, trailers and more – which add up in cost and which are rarely connected to the internet.

As a result, they often get lost or unused, leading to inventory shortages or capacity problems. Sensolus offers a solution in the form of a cost-effective, end-to-end, plug-and-play IoT platform that allows companies to easily track their non-powered assets and streamline underlying logistics flows.

Streamlining a crucial element of logistics

The solution offered by Sensolus is made up of wireless, connected trackers in the form of stickers, as well as a platform that processes the data gathered by these trackers. The result: companies have detailed supply chain metrics and other insights that they can use to ensure that their processes and operations are as smooth, efficient and fast as possible.

Sensolus’ trackers last seven years without the need for charging, and connect to the internet to share real-time data. The company has customers in more than 15 countries that are active in a wide range of industries.

IoT technology has become mature and sufficiently affordable to directly connect all new types of non-powered assets such as boxes and pallets, of which billions of units are rotating invisibly in our world. On the other hand, digitization of processes is a must for our customers to remain cost-effective and competitive in their market. We have exciting years ahead of us.

Kristoff Van Rattighe
CEO of Sensolus

Cutting-edge solution, huge market potential

The EUR 3.5 million in capital – provided by venture capital firm btov Partners with contributions from existing investors – will enable Sensolus to continue to enhance its products and solutions, and will power its growth and expansion in new and existing markets.

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Reported by
website Sensolus, newspaper De Tijd, website Made in Oost-Vlaanderen
9 November 2020

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