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8 June 2021

Here’s why Flanders’ equine sector is all about innovation, animal health and equestrianism at its finest.

8 June 2021

Launched recently, US pharma firm Organon focuses on women’s health and employs 2,000 people in the Benelux.

8 June 2021

Japanese shipbuilder Tsuneishi and Flanders-based shipping operator CMB join forces to develop HydroPhoenix.

1 June 2021

FIT launches an international campaign to put Flanders on the map as a life sciences & health innovation hub.

20 May 2021

Together, they aim to develop a cytometry solution for real-time process control and manipulation of cells.

19 May 2021

Howest (Flanders) is at the top of its game, again winning the Grads in Games Educational Institution Award.

12 May 2021

Brucargo (Flanders) consolidates its crucial position in Flanders with a new sustainable logistics center.

6 May 2021

Flanders’ Corda Campus in Hasselt is flourishing in technology, innovation and diversity.

6 May 2021

Backed by solid investments, Protealis wants to make the future of protein crops as sustainable as possible.

28 April 2021

Dnata will employ Disinfect’s disinfection methods at airports in the Asia-Pacific. region.


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