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23 February 2019

Why Flanders continues to position itself as a cybersecurity powerhouse in the heart of the European Union.

15 February 2019

Ranking 13th in the company’s innovation index, Belgium excels in patents and high tech.

11 February 2019

Software company Collibra is the first tech start-up in Belgium to be worth more than USD 1 billion.

8 February 2019

Tesla will transport its Model 3 cars to the European market through Zeebrugge, one of 4 seaports in Flanders.

6 February 2019

App security company Guardsquare receives USD 29 million investment from Battery Ventures (US).

1 February 2019

On 1 February 2019, the EU-Japan EPA takes effect, creating the world’s largest open trade zone.

22 January 2019

Foreign companies invested EUR 4.24 billion in Flanders, spread across 234 projects and creating 5,339 jobs.

18 January 2019

Discover the nominees for Flanders Investment & Trade’s 2019 Foreign Investment of the Year Trophy.

15 January 2019

The British chemical firm is funneling EUR 3 billion into the expansion of its chemical plant in Antwerp.

11 January 2019

Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe funneled EUR 30 million into its multifunctional HQ in Tessenderlo.


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