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6 February 2018

Axereal/Boortmalt, Hyundai Construction Equipment, Kaneka, Novartis and Sappi are competing for FIT’s investment prize.

23 January 2018

Last year, foreign companies invested an impressive EUR 2.08 billion in Flanders, creating 5,377 jobs.

22 January 2018

This summer, a 10,000 m² bio-incubator will be built at the vibrant Technology Park in Zwijnaarde (Flanders).

22 January 2018

The Government of Belgium is working on a superfund to keep tech scale-ups in Belgium as they grow. 

16 January 2018

Japanese Sumitomo opens R&D Center in Flanders as a global innovation hub. 

11 January 2018

Flanders, East Flanders and the European Regional Development Fund invest EUR 15 million in the project.

9 January 2018

The deal, worth EUR 520 million, will allow the Japanese pharma giant to continue developing stem cell therapies.

8 January 2018

Google invites Byteflies, a Flanders-based med tech company, to its prestigious Launchpad Studio program.  

8 January 2018

Swiss pharma giant Roche invests in a revolutionary camel-based technology for neurological disorders.

4 January 2018

Flanders’ booming e-commerce market has inspired Dutch Magenta implementer Guapa to set up shop in Antwerp.


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