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How to reduce your social security contributions in Flanders

Belgium, and Flanders as a region, offers a number of employment subsidies to help you reduce your social security contributions (SSC) and salary costs.

Structural and target group reductions on SSC

All employers in the private sector and employees who are fully subject to Belgian social security can benefit from a structural reduction of SSC. In addition to this, employers can benefit from target group reductions on SSC due to first recruitments

  • lifelong exemption of social security contributions for a first employee hired (period 2016-2020); 
  • from 2016 onwards SSC reductions for the next five employees (2 to 6) hired.

There are several target group reductions on SSC applicable to certain categories of employees: older employees, young and unskilled employees, unemployed former employees.

An overview

The structural SSC reduction can be added to the target group reductions. The different target group reductions cannot be added among each other.

Type Reduction per quarter

Period of time


Structural reduction

€ 462.60 Complete period of employment All employers of the private sector 
First recruitment No social contributions


1st employee (workers hired between 1/1/2016 and 31/12/2020) 
Second recruitment

€ 1,550

+ € 1050

+ € 450 

5 quarters

4 quarters

4 quarters

2nd employee

Third, fourth, fifth and sixth recruitment

€ 1,050

+ € 450

9 quarters

4 quarters

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th employee

Older employees

Young employees-unskilled-unemployed 

€ 400 - € 1,500 Limited period or complete period of employment 

Employee is at least 54 years old             or under 26

The current government intends to lower the rate of employers’ SSC from 33% to 25% flat by the end of the current legislative term (2018).

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