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The Port of Ghent, multimodal gateway to Europe

Known for its quality infrastructure, the Port of Ghent has plenty of extra space to invest in future services. It is a multimodal port and close to end markets, with excellent connections to France, the Netherlands and Germany by inland navigation.

Facts and figures of port of Ghent (2016)

One of Europe’s leading biotech clusters

The Port of Ghent boasts significant strengths in biotechnology. To give just two examples, the port is home to:

  • Ghent Bio-Economy Valley – a major European cluster organization that supports the development of a biobased economy.
  • The Rodenhuizedok bio-refinery – Europe’s largest integrated bio-energy production complex, hosting the production of bio-ethanol, biodiesel and bio-electricity under one roof.

Plenty of space

The maritime goods turnover for the Port of Ghent was 51 million tons in 2016: an absolute record. The port also has access to 660 extra hectares to use to build additional logistical or storage facilities. The Kluizendock of the Port of Ghent features 1000 acres of greenfield for EDCs and industry.

Major dry bulk and agribulk specialties

The Port of Ghent is equipped with a “Brazilian” dry bulk port, which is why it specializes in the transport of ores, cereals, soybeans, salt, fertilizers and other dry goods. It has the largest facility in Europe dedicated to the storage of agribulk (agricultural dry commodities).

The port is also the 2nd-largest importer of fruit juice in the world, with Brazil being the primary trade partner of the Port of Ghent, responsible for 20% of the port’s traffic.

In addition to its transport facilities, the Port of Ghent is home to the largest European biofuel R&D and production cluster in Europe, and the largest steel and paper mills in the world. Volvo Cars Belgium is also headquartered at the site.

High quality, low in cost

The rental costs of office and industrial space in Ghent are very low, and the quality of services very high, when compared with those of nearby port cities. Prime logistics rents in East Flanders, where the Port of Ghent is located, trade between EUR 41 and EUR 43 per square meter.

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