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Port of Antwerp, a crossroads of global supply chains

Europe’s 2nd-largest international port

The Port of Antwerp is centrally located in Flanders at the heart of Europe’s most powerful purchasing zone. It’s home to Europe’s premier integrated maritime and logistics platform, which allows the smooth, error-free and rapid transit of goods to all major European markets. The Port of Antwerp is also known for its quick, intuitive and uncomplicated customs procedures.

Havenhuis - Port of Antwerp

Home to Europe’s biggest integrated petrochemical cluster

With over 40 km2 of chemical industry housing most of the world’s top 10 chemical companies, the Port of Antwerp is by far the largest chemical cluster in Europe. It also has Europe’s biggest storage capacity for the petrochemical industry with around 350,000 m3 of stainless-steel tanks and 8 multi-customer plastics terminals with a total capacity of over 430,000 m3. 

Large capacity at your service

The Deurganck dock of the Port of Antwerp has a capacity of 5 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units, the standard unit of the capacity of a port’s container transit). In the future, the Saeftinghe Development Area will provide 2,500 acres of space for cargo handling, industry and logistics.

Deep-sea container hub with many specialties

As a leading international port, the Port of Antwerp is a deep-sea container hub, the market leader of 5 out of 6 sailing areas and covers all major traffic flows, including:

  • fruit (with fully-automated storage);
  • perishables;
  • wood products;
  • bulk liquids;
  • containers;
  • ro-ro (roll-in/roll-out);
  • energy gases.

The Port of Antwerp ranks highly in Europe for general conventional volume as well as for maritime freight and container volume. In terms of cargo, it obtains vary high rankings in liquid bulk transport, car shipping and dry bulk transport. Antwerp is also known as one the world’s most important coffee ports, as well as Europe’s largest and the world’s 2nd-largest integrated petrochemical cluster

Relatively low costs

The costs of renting an office or industrial space in Antwerp are also significantly lower than those of other seaport cities.

As rental prices for prime logistics build-to-suits rise, the gap between the rental amounts for prime and secondary buildings is widening. As a prime location, logistical space in Antwerp is extremely affordable compared with the rental costs of other European sea and airport hubs.

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