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Access Europe’s main markets in no time through Flanders’ extremely dense road and railway networks

With Flanders so centrally-located, it’s no wonder that it’s home to some of the densest road and railway networks in the world, with ultrafast connections to London, Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin – as well as between the superior seaports of Flanders.

The world’s densest road network

When compared with the world’s nations, Belgium – and Flanders as a region – ranks #1 in terms of road network density per kilometer squared.

Major road infrastructure projects in Flanders

Flanders is currently investing in numerous major road infrastructure projects to even further enhance the quality of its transportation infrastructure, including:

  • improvement of the Antwerp ring way, with the closure of the ring to the north of Antwerp and the redevelopment of E313 eastward towards Ruhr;
  • improvement of the north-south Limburg road axe;
  • optimization of the ring way around Brussels in Zaventem;
  • upgrade of 15 bridges around the Albert Canal, Dampoort and Bruges;
  • upgrade of N8 Ieper-Veurne;
  • upgrade of N60 ring way Ronse;
  • upgrade of remaining intersections of the R4 ring in Ghent.

Incredibly dense railway network at your service

Per kilometer squared, Belgium – and Flanders as a region – also boasts an incredible network density, as shown in the comparison below:

Major rail infrastructure projects in Flanders

In 2015, Flanders started work on large projects to extend and enhance its rail network, enhancing the connection between your business and Europe’s biggest markets even further. These projects include:

  • Express Regional Network – A new suburban railway network in and around Brussels.
  • Iron Rhine – A second rail access line from the Port of Antwerp toward Mönchengladbach to the east.
  • Increase of the railroad capacity on:
    • the north-south junction in Brussels;
    • the Brussels-Antwerp axis;
    • the Ghent-Zeebrugge line.
  • National ETCS Masterplan – This project will equip the entire Belgian railway network (a state-of-the-art signaling, control and train protection system) with ETCS by 2022.
  • Brabo 2 (Noorderlijn) – A major tram and tramway infrastructure project in the north of Antwerp.

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