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Flanders offers government grants for large transformation investments

If your company or corporate group is making a large investment or training effort in Flanders, you might be able to receive support from the government if your project fits into the framework of a strategic transformation project.

What are the conditions?

The transformation project must make a significant contribution to strengthening Flanders’ economic fabric. This may include:

  • investments in strategic clusters and main plants in Flanders;
  • supporting the international growth of innovation-oriented SMEs in Flanders;
  • supporting transformational investments that lead to the sustainable anchoring of significant employment in Flanders; 
  • contributing to environmental sustainability,‎‎ the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions or climate change adaptation.

A transformation review will determine whether the project meets the support requirements.

Who is eligible?

Both individual enterprises and groups of cooperating enterprises can submit an application, provided that they carry out an acceptable main activity. Company size, location and whether the company is investing in training or goods are other eligibility criteria for an individual enterprise’s project.

Type of investment Company size Location in Flanders
Investments in training


Large enterprises

Companies in the entire Flanders region are eligible.

Companies in the entire Flanders region are eligible.

Investments in goods


Large enterprises

Companies in the entire Flanders region are eligible.

Only companies in a regional support zone are eligible (*). Note that the project should concern an initial investment for new economic activities.

(*) Note: the new regional aid map for 2022 to 2027 has not yet been approved by the European Commission.

What are the grant amounts?

The support amounts to 8% for investments and 20% for training. The support will be capped at a maximum of EUR 500.000 per enterprise per project. Projects of exceptional importance in terms of sustainability or climate can receive up to EUR 1 million of support per enterprise per calendar year. 

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