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Flanders: highly-skilled, productive and educated

It’s no secret that the educational institutions of Flanders are chart-topping. It’s also a well-known fact that workers in Flanders are among the most loyal, productive and highly-skilled in the world.

Famous universities,university colleges and business schools

Students come from across the globe to learn at Flanders’ five universities, which focus on sciences, management, technology and economics. The university colleges are integrated into the university system. They are responsible for applied education and advanced vocational training, and award bachelor’s diplomas only. To top it all off, Flanders’ management and business schools are among the world’s most competitive.

One of the world’s most productive workforces

Flanders is the perfect place for productivity – which is why the workers of the region are the 4th most productive workforce in the world! It all has to do with the excellent business environment, high standard of living and other perks of the region that combine to generate a unique environment for success.

most productive in the world

Multilingual and multitalented

When it comes to qualities like multilingualism, education, loyalty and productivity, Flanders surpasses most European countries on all fronts.  Compared to neighboring countries, citizens of Flanders score highest in reading and foreign language skills, as well as in creative problem solving.  Flanders’ skilled workforce specializes in ICT, biotechnology and bioeconomics – with increasing numbers of students graduating in these fields each year.

Interesting options for flexible labor

When it comes to hiring and shedding employees, Flanders makes these processes smooth and simple – much simpler than many of its neighbors. Its system of economic unemployment, flexible scheduling options, simplified right of dismissal process and employer benefits attached to shift and night work offer many advantages for companies operating in Flanders. It’s also a relative breeze to hire foreign employees in the region.

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