Flanders, the simple entry point to Europe

Do you need your business to succeed in Europe but have been hampered by changes brought about by Brexit? Are you looking for effective ways to overcome fresh obstacles such as new export taxes, additional administration or transportation difficulties? Flanders is the place to be to find solutions to these and other Brexit challenges. Access our interconnected business community, talented workforce and financial incentives, which will help to assure your European growth. Flanders Investment & Trade will act as your partner, helping you realise the potential of your business in Europe post Brexit.

Learn how to navigate Brexit

During Flanders Investment & Trade’s free webinar, experts such as Daan Schalck (CEO of North Sea Port) and Jeroen Sarrazyn (Brexit coordinator at FPS Finance) will share their insights on the impact of Brexit and highlight potential solutions for you and your business. 

Why choose Flanders?

1. Accessibility to Europe

Flanders is at the centre of the EU in more ways than one. The region is easily accessible and very well connected to the rest of Europe through a central location – with large seaports (the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, North Sea Port Ghent, and the Port of Ostend) and an excellent logistics infrastructure. Moreover, with Brussels as its capital, Flanders is closely linked to the political and administrative heart of Europe. As a result, the region boasts an array of potential partners, unrivalled talent, diverse financing options and other opportunities are always just around the corner.

2. Productive and talented workforce

The people of Flanders are highly educated, efficient, motivated, and flexible. They work hard and although their motto is ‘deeds, not words’, many are fluent in multiple languages – including Dutch, French, English and German. Add to that Flanders’ favourable HR legislation, economically attractive labour cost reductions and employment incentives, and you’ll understand why so many companies decide to set up a base in Flanders.

3. Cost effective

Being interesting doesn’t necessarily make an opportunity worth seizing; it needs to be lucrative, too. Fortunately, doing business in Flanders is financially attractive, thanks to the region’s affordable real estate prices, absence of business rates, fast setup, multimodal transport possibilities, smooth connections and a variety of available grants and subsidies.

What’s more, Flanders Investment & Trade is ready to guide you through the whole process of launching your business in Europe, free of charge. Our experts can introduce you to relevant companies or banks, arrange site visits, and assist with legal aspects, ensuring your business is able to make beneficial connections and can seize profitable opportunities in Europe.