Download our brochure on utilizing tax incentives and grants in Flanders

Thinking of expanding your business in Flanders? Getting the most out of the diverse incentives and support measures available requires some background information. Fortunately, we’ve gathered all those details in a single, compact, up-to-date brochure. Discover what opportunities await your company in Flanders by requesting our brochure, ‘Home is where the support is: how to utilize tax incentives and government grants for international business success in Flanders’.

The benefits for you

In this brochure, you’ll learn more about:

  • the 2017 tax reform and current ruling practices in Flanders;
  • deductions, incentives and exemptions;
  • incentives for R&D-intensive activities;
  • grants and other forms of support;
  • labor cost optimization;
  • Flanders’ powerful innovation clusters;
  • … and more.

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