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Market intelligence and representation office

Are you starting logistics operations in Flanders or Europe? Below is the first of 5 possible business scenarios – ranging from a representative office to a fully-fledged international distribution center – for structuring your logistics activities.


  • No legal entity in Belgium.
  • You have a presence in Belgium.
  • No other activity besides market research and representation activities (no sales activities or sales support).

Tax aspects

  • No Permanent Establishment (PE) means no tax liability.
  • No VAT PE and no VAT registration (unless the representation office is liable to pay VAT on incoming intra-community services “consumed” by the representation office).
  • Belgian input VAT can be recovered via the VAT credit refund procedure for non-established and non-VAT registered foreign entities.

Legal implications

  • You need to set up a representative office.

In Flanders, we can rely on a flexible workforce that has affinity with the products passing through the warehouse. The use of integrated IT systems has allowed us to develop into a provider of logistical services for the e-market.

Katoen Natie

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