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Setting up logistics in Flanders

Flanders, the northern region of Belgium, is the ideal place to set up logistics operations in Europe. Our prime location, multimodal infrastructure and open environment will have your business thriving in no time.

Get your logistics business started in Flanders

Choose your scenario

Which step should you take first when starting operations in Flanders or Europe? These 5 possible business scenarios – ranging from a representative office to a fully-fledged international distribution center – advise you on how to structure your logistics activities. 

Scenario 1: Market intelligence and representation office
Scenario 2: Storage of stock of goods
Scenario 3: Value-added logistics and services
Scenario 4: European Distribution Centers and regional warehouses
Scenario 5: Fully-fledged European hub (holding, regional HQ, treasury)

Why Flanders is the ideal place for your logistics activities

Central location

Within a range of 750 km around Flanders, you’ll find 75% of the EU GNP and around 227 million consumers. 60% of Europe’s purchasing power is located in a 500-km radius from Flanders. In short: it’s the ideal place to realize your logistical ambitions in Europe.

Logistics, driven by innovation

Flanders puts a lot of effort into value-added concepts and technologies such as mass customization, reverse logistics and intelligent supply chains. What’s more, innovative logistics partnerships offer companies operating from Flanders a significant competitive advantage.

Lower effective tax rate

The government of Flanders offers a favorable tax environment for companies who settle in the region. 

Even more reasons to choose Flanders

Apart from its location, infrastructure and tax benefits, Flanders offers many additional advantages for logistics operations, including:

  • Fiscal advantages for (HR) management: expatriates are treated as non-residents for income tax purposes, which mitigates the cost of employment.
  • Brussels is one of Europe’s most inexpensive capitals to live in. In addition, prime logistics space in Flanders are available at some of the lowest rates in Western Europe.
  • high standard of living for expatriates and their families, with first-class healthcare, high-quality housing and an excellent educational system.
  • Highly skilled and motivated talent: most people in Flanders fluently speak Dutch, French and German, and possess an excellent knowledge of English.

The people of Flanders have the intellectual skills it takes to develop innovative processes
and provide logistic companies with the strong support they need.

Katrien Van Den Bossche
Managing Director, Citrosuco Europe

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