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Setting up a representation office in Flanders

There are 5 possible scenarios for establishing a business presence in Flanders. One option is to set up a representation office. Discover the different tax incentives your company may be eligible for.

What it is and who’s it for

A representation office:

  • is an interesting option for foreign investors who want to have a limited presence in Flanders without creating a separate legal entity.
  • can engage in activities such as advertising, information sharing, public relations and market research, but only in the process of negotiating orders, client contracts, sales activities or other commercial activities.

Tax benefits

  • A representation office is not considered a ‘permanent establishment’, so it does not have pay taxes on income earned in Belgium, and Flanders as a region.
  • The same goes for VAT purposes and registration, unless the representation office is liable to pay VAT on intra-community services it receives.
  • Belgian input VAT can be recorded through the VAT credit refund procedure for non-established and non-VAT registered foreign entities.

How to establish your HQ, sales or marketing activities in Flanders

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