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Vyborzhetc lanceerde een nieuwe productie van schimmelcompost

Agroholding 'Vyborzhetc', the largest vegetable grower in North-West Russia, has launched a new production of fungal compost in Leningrad region. The total investment is RUB 2,2 billion, the number of new jobs is 40. The new plant is designed to produce 40.000 tonnes of fungal compost.

With this new compost production, Vyborzhetc meets its own demand in fungal compost. Last year, Vyborzhetc launched a mushroom farm designed to produce 10.000 tonnes of mushrooms annually. So Vyborzhetc is now capable of supplying itself with compost and reducing its dependence on imported products. Local farmers are used to import fungal compost from Poland and the Baltic states.

Vyborzhetc plans to reach the designed capacity quickly and sell production surplus to third parties in other Russian regions.

The Russian mushroom market is changing. It used to be dominated by foreign brands (import share - 90%), but now Russian mushroom farmers are taking a dominant position on the market.

Vyborzhetc has become a big market player in mushrooms and meets the shortage of mushrooms in North-West Russia.  

11 augustus 2020