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New era of neuroconstructors

In Saint Petersburg they will be starting with the production of neuroconstructors for children’s clubs engaged in robotics in the second quarter of 2020. This is the result of the collaboration between 'Linux Format' and the laboratory 'Industrial Systems of Streaming Data Processing' of the SPBSTU.

Neurconstructor is a platform based on neurotrainers and neuro-interfaces to control various devices using brain signals.

According to temporary assessments, the complete kit (hoop and software) will be available for a price between 200 and 300 dollars (€ 180 to € 270).

Competition will certainly be present since there are similar kits being sold by BiTronics for € 400.

Another similar competitor is Brain Development (project 'Young Neurophysioligist'). They also started a similar project last year and are now determined to grow due to the increasing demand for such products.

As regards to safety, last year Oleg Artamanov, General Director Unwired Devices, drew attention to the fact that there is a lack of safety against electric shocks. BiTronics has solved this problem and Linux can apply the safety solution immediately during the production process to ensure safety for users.

The market of robotics is booming. More and more innovative ideas are coming up and can be used both for educational projects and marketing purposes to obtain statistics.

5 februari 2020