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Magurele Laser in Romania officially becomes the most powerful laser in the world

The laser at Magurele, near Bucharest, Romania marked a world premiere after reaching the highest power, 10 PetaWats.

Magurele Laser (ELI-NP, Extreme Light Infrastructure-Nuclear Physics) is part of the European ELI project, a pan-European research structure that also includes installations in the Czech Republic and Hungary. The laser was designed to reach 10 PT of power through two laser arms, completed by a very bright laser beam that can reach up to 19.5 MeV.

The Romanian pillar ELI-NP is the most advanced research infrastructure in the world and will open up new research areas for laser, nuclear, astrophysics and fundamental research. A very broad range of applications will be studied as well, such as: nuclear materials and radioactive waste management, industrial tomography and gamma radiography, pharmaceutical radioisotopes, surface characterization using positrons sources, medical imaging, radiation and proton cancer therapy.

The inclusion of the Magurele Laser in a technical-scientific park will lead to the creation of an international scientific research center and it will attract numerous high tech firms, according to a press release, Romanian Financial Newspaper.

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3 juni 2019