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Marktstudie ‘Logistics in Hungary’

Due to its geographical position, Hungary occupies an exceptional central position in Europe. This makes the country one of the most important transport hubs, providing easy access to all parts of Europe: by rail, road, air and water transport. The volume of goods transported by road is steadily increasing and rail transport is stagnating or barely increasing. Improvements will make it possible to switch to more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient modes of transport.

Digitalization supported the spread of new, innovative technologies. Containerisation made fast, programmed handling and classification of goods possible. These new solutions require product tracking systems at the level of product, cargo and means of transport. Plant logistics started to develop dynamically in order to accommodate production needs. Manufacturers are also increasingly demanding innovative solutions in warehousing and inventory management. The growing use of robotization in factories makes it possible to build a 'smart factory'. 

21 augustus 2019

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