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Revamped LinkedIn page: tailored to our customer's needs

26,428 ... 26,429 ... 26,882 ... every day we welcome more and more followers on the LinkedIn Company page. To keep on deserving their trust, we constantly look for ways to improve our digital service.  Or to make it more concrete: we want customers and stakeholders to instantly find the updates, discussions and insights that best fit their interests.

Therefore, we decided to complement our main LinkedIn page with a brand-new showcase page for companies in Flanders looking to export: @FlandersTrade. Together with our page @InvestInFlanders, this pyramid structure ensures you’ll only see posts that are meant for you.

A word to the wise: to follow is to know and grow.

From Brazil to the Baltics

Structuring our presence on LinkedIn along the lines of our twofold mission still left some room for further optimisation. That’s why we’ve added regional showcase pages to the mix. The goal: building like-minded communities in key markets.

In other words, if you’re scouting for links between Flanders and one of these markets, you know now know where to go on LinkedIn:  BrasilGermanyFranceIndiaItalyMalaysiaNew ZealandAustraliaUSAUAEUKBaltics and Nordics. Didn’t find your region in this list? Don’t worry, we intend to add more regional showcase pages in the coming months.

1 July 2021