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The Export Lion Award: the ambassador of Flanders' export success

The past few months, exports have endured some difficult times. All the more reason to celebrate companies from Flanders for their exceptional export achievements and put them in the spotlight. With the annual Export Lion Award, Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) honors companies that have made their mark in Flanders’ export segment.

A symbol of Flanders’ export success

With the yearly presentation of this award, FIT underscores the importance of international trade for the economy of Flanders. The Export Lion Award ensures national recognition for the winner and nominees, but also opens international doors, thanks to our foreign network. On 23 September 2020, we will present the award for the 19th time to two Flanders-based companies with outstanding export achievements.

Contest proceedings and rules

To qualify for the Export Lion Award, companies must have a registered office in Flanders from which they transport goods or services, and therefore contribute to Flanders’ welfare. Businesses can participate in two different categories: ‘companies with up to 49 employees’ and ‘companies with 50 or more employees’.

In two jury rounds, the participating firms are assessed on their export growth and turnover figures, geographical diversification efforts, export policy lines, corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, innovative strength, and on specific elements that contributed to their export success, among other criteria.

In the first round, an internal FIT jury selects the three top-scoring companies from each category. These nominees for the Export Lion Award then present their competition files to a final 10-person jury. This year, the external jury consists of experts from the business and academic domains and the two award winners from 2019, Luminex Network Intelligence and Sioen Industries. Finally, the two winning candidates will be presented with the Export Lion Award 2020 on 23 September.

Nominees for the Export Lion Award 2020

In June, the first jury nominated six companies from the submitted files. Here’s a brief introduction to the nominees of the Export Lion Award 2020:

The three candidates from the ‘companies with up to 49 employees’ category


In 2008, Basalte launched a touch switch that is groundbreaking in terms of both technology and design. Over the past decade, the tech firm from Merelbeke has established itself as a leader in the residential segment, with its high-quality smart switches, motion detectors, touchscreens and thermostats selling all over the world. The company has already received multiple international awards for its products.


With its high-end, customized CMOS sensors for various applications ranging from medical and biomedical imaging to aerospace and industrial processes, Caeleste is a pioneer in its field. Right from its establishment in 2006, the Mechelen-based company focused on technological innovation in close collaboration with its customers, leading to novel concepts like high-speed, low-noise image sensors and color X-ray sensors.


Fertikal is a leading producer of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers. Headquartered in Beveren, the firm recycles over 300,000 tons of livestock farming byproducts per year. From the Port of Antwerp, the processed granules are exported to fertilize agricultural fields across the world. In recent years, Fertikal scaled up its production capacity and invested extensively in innovation and the automation of industrial processes.

The three candidates from the ‘companies with 50 or more employees’ category


For over 6 decades, machine manufacturer FAM from Kontich has been producing and distributing industrial slicers for fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and poultry, cheese, nuts, and more. In tandem with its sister company Stumabo – a specialist in precision knives – they offer innovative solutions to meet specific needs within the food processing industry. FAM has over 6,000 slicing machines in operation across the globe.


Tech company Lansweeper develops and markets a unique software platform that scans and collects data about all software, devices and users within an IT network, with the goal of simplifying the management of complex IT systems. The born-global firm from Dendermonde boasts top football clubs, financial institutions, international manufacturers and governments all over the world in its impressive customer portfolio.

Sports & Leisure Group

Sports & Leisure Group has specialized in artificial turf systems for over 30 years. In addition to development and production, the producer from Sint-Niklaas offers its customers an extensive service program that guarantees superior playing performance, safety, and aesthetics as well as long-term sustainability. Sports & Leisure Group leads its sector and is recognized by several international sports federations, including FIFA.

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