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Coronavirus (COVID-19): impact on services of Flanders Investment & Trade

The coronavirus and the according measures by the governments of Belgium and Flanders have an effect on the entire country. What is the impact on the services and activities of Flanders Investment & Trade?

Sources of information

The coronavirus raises many questions with internationally active entrepreneurs concerning long-term and short-term consequences.

  • Many conferences, travel plans and events have been cancelled or postponed in Flanders, Brussels and across the world. Consult the schedule on our website at [Dutch only]
  • For all your questions, e.g. regarding risk areas or financial compensation measures, you can reach us at
  • We are continuously updating the information on our country pages regarding risk areas, travel restrictions, etc.  [Dutch only]


As of Monday 16 March 2020, all our employees will be working from home as much as possible, both in our HQ in Flanders and in the 76 countries where our foreign network is active. We are well- equipped for this and will keep cooperating closely. Our continued service towards clients, contacts and partners is ensured.

Practical tips:

  • We recommend calling before visiting our headquarters, one of the offices in Flanders or one of our foreign offices.
  • Our employees are often in contact with export managers, investors or other people who have traveled recently, including within risk areas. In the following weeks, meetings will therefore mainly take place by phone or online through Teams or Skype. Physical meetings will only be held when absolutely necessary. Should they take place, we will provide a large room where participants can keep sufficient distance from one another. 

Thank you for your understanding. Thanks to these efforts and your commitment, we can help limit the impact of the coronavirus.

13 March 2020